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Types of drawings by the method of execution and nature of the application

Taking into account the method of execution and the nature of the application, there are 4 types of drawings:

  • original;
  • duplicate;

Make the original from the original to further create the required number of copies needed to make the mechanism or first-rate part. The original has the appropriate signatures and is made on any material. To make such a drawing, the original sample or its photocopy is used. The sample must be delivered to the printing house and signed by the responsible persons. Duplicate is also used to make copies and differs in the originality of the original. The copy is used directly in production. The sketch is made without special tools for drawing and is not associated with compliance with the scale.

What letter formats are used in the drawings?

The size of the letters is regulated by international standards. The main sheet is most often used to create drawings. Its area is 1 m. All subsequent sheets A1, A2, A3, A4 have an area twice smaller than the original size. In Writemypapers, we make drawings for students in the form specified in the trust guidelines.

The main A0 format is most often used by designers. It has approximate dimensions. Moreover, depending on the type of work, it is divided into two equal parts.

What programs do Writemypapers use to draw on your computer?

Various computer super programs are used to create images, so when ordering a project on Writemypapers, you can specify which one you want to use. The university has its requirements, and even the software used can be adjusted.

Also, non-standard prime drawings are made on paper. In any case, the company writemypapers.org reviews makes concessions to the client and performs drawings in the format required by the client.

How to order pictures online on Writemypapers?

You can organize tasks in just 5 minutes. AutoCAD drawings can be easily ordered from Writemypapers. To do this, fill out the form and provide all the necessary data that the author of cheap Writemypapers can use to complete the task. It is necessary to provide the full text of the task so that the contractor understands the task. The transfer in this case can be informative because it is so easy to lose details. You also need to provide instructions to understand the essence and requirements. To complete the work for the first time without completion, give an example or sample of the leading project and the weekend. In general, you are required to:

  • tasks;
  • methodical instructions;
  • sample;
  • top

The advantage of using academic services at Writemypapers is that even if you do not have the necessary materials, contractors will be able to handle the task regardless of its complexity. Projects are created by perfect scientists, engineers, designers who work in this field or have relevant finest experience. Therefore, they underwent similar training, underwent similar work, and often performed them at will. In most cases, such work is performed according to a standard algorithm. Thanks to the professionalism of the contractors working for Writemypapers, the purchase of engineering graphics drawings is an ideal option to get into the top five students.


For more information, you can contact managers who will answer questions that interest you, tell you what information you need to have to complete the task, and help with the task if you can’t do it yourself.